Are you aiming to unlock value in your business, and create sustainable growth?

Leading brands create continuous value growth by understanding what matters deeply to customers, in ways that are perceived as different and better than competitors. 

Choice to Growth helps companies deliver sustainable success by tapping into the reliable voice of the customer. We fuse measurement of consumer choice factor importance and competitive brand perceptions, to create winning strategies and executional success.

Founding Partners, Maria Lambides, Jonathan Coles and Iain Good have a wealth of marketing, choice modelling and business management skills, honed across a broad range of entrepreneurial, managerial and academic environments. They understand how to identify and create value, in order to deliver competitive advantage and continuous business growth.

Our Unique Offering

The team works with clients using two products not offered by any other Australian consultancy:

  • Vennli – a proven evidence-based strategy visualization and choice analytics platform that captures customer insights and enables companies to differentiate in ways that matter deeply to customers. Developed by global leaders in choice modelling, Vennli presents strategic options to  create competitive advantage and thus deliver greater value. For an overview of the Vennli platform go to
  • Premium Value Creator – many markets are increasingly challenged by margin erosion, commoditisation and profit dilution. Leveraging Choice to Growth’s expertise in the timeless principles of luxury, Premium Value Creator identifies how brands and businesses can develop a distinctive and sustainable proposition with a value that transcends price.

We are a customer value creation company

By harnessing the strengths of the Vennli platform and the Premium Value Creator, the team works with clients to create strategies and executional success that wins the customers choice and capitalizes on the unique assets and resources of the business.

While Choice to Growth’s tools are steeped in academic rigour, the team’s broad commercial experience with leading brands ensures projects are always focused on growing revenues, increasing profits and working collaboratively with clients to build sustainable businesses.

Founding Partners & International Network

Iain Good

Iain is passionate about realising growth potential in both businesses and individuals.

For 25+ years Iain worked with and led innovative organisations in Sydney and London. He held senior executive positions with companies such as Ogilvy and STW/WPP, which allowed him to hone his understanding of what’s required to optimise business and marketing results. He was privileged to be a custodian for brands such as American Express, Qantas and Telstra for several years each, creating  some of their most successful marketing communications campaigns.

Iain believes that customer value driven strategy and authentic branding unites organisations and create experiences that all stakeholders love. He also understands that strategies only truly deliver when the leaders believe they are realising their own personal potential. 

As an ICF accredited Executive Coach and a natural optimist, Iain helps create strategies and executional plans that truly engage the people in the organisation that can create value every day for customers, whilst enabling leaders to grow.

Jonathan Coles

As an expert in the craft of premium and luxury business management, Jonathan has a thorough understanding of how to create enduring value growth for customers, organisations, their teams and stakeholders.

Jonathan believes that in our world of constant transformation we need to ensure we fully know our customers, and focus the business on delivering emotionally rich and meaningful relations, underpinned by deep data and insightful decision-making. 

For 25 years, Jonathan has worked across a range of luxury and FMCG brands, generating deep emotional value for consumers and continuous business growth for organisations. His unique understanding of brand custodianship, honed through over 10 years marketing and business development experience in the LVMH group, helps create competitive advantage and higher returns.

Now working with the Vennli platform and Premium Value Creator, Jonathan partners with organisations wishing to ensure their marketing investment is purpose led, aligned to business strategy and focused on ROI and financial success.

Maria Lambides

A highly motivated and entrepreneurial professional, Maria has spent over 25 years using her leadership, strategy, partnership-building and operational skills to create and grow sustainable enterprises.

For the past decade Maria has worked with world-leading researchers focused on choice behaviour and decision-making to assist international clients such as World Bank, Bose Corporation, Motorola, Anheuser-Busch and Mondelez.

As a result, Maria’s mission has become bridging the gap between academics, industry, government and community, in order to encourage co-innovation and collaboration. Her success has been built on a unique ability to translate academic research to industry and government relevant deliverables.

Maria’s understanding of the role that research plays in strategic growth and competitive positioning allows her to work with organisations that want to be at the frontier, to challenge the status quo and to have a positive impact on society.

And now, through Choice to Growth’s utilization of the Vennli platform, Maria can help a greater number of organisations achieve sustainable strategic growth and competitive positioning.

Our International Affiliates 

Sean Adams

Sean has spent over 25 years in the advertising, media and research industries, in roles that took him from the UK to Australia and back again. Throughout his journey, Sean’s consistent focus has been on understanding consumers and what lies behind their buying decisions.

Whilst in Sydney, Sean founded research and strategy company, The Seed, and for 11 years he personally conducted over 1,000 workshops, focus groups and interviews. These helped leading Australian brands solve their strategic issues, especially across the media, alcohol, technology, finance and FMCG categories.

Along with this work, Sean’s time at several leading media and creative agencies and as a media owner provided him with a holistic view of brands and the challenges they face.

Now back in the UK, Sean works with marketers and agencies to help provide a fresh and objective perspective into how people think and behave, and how this customer-focused insight can be leveraged to help identify new growth opportunities.

Sean acted as Chair of the Australian Account Planning Group (APG) for three years, and has been a full member of the Market Research Societies in both Australia (16 years) and UK (five years). He is a current member of Media Research Group (MRG), Association of Qualitative Researchers (AQR) and Independent Consultants Group (ICG). 

In 2017 Sean was invited to join the Choice to Growth team and The Seed is now the only company in The UK offering the Vennli strategy visualization and analytics platform.

Rob Bree

Rob is a marketing strategist and facilitator who has mainly worked on the client side of industry. His specialty is working with organisations to guide them to better understand their customers and markets and plan how they can build their brand offering to create long-term sustainable growth for their business.

He does this through understanding the market opportunities and the current and potential capabilities of his clients and helping them build a roadmap to achieve their growth aspirations. His questioning and synergistic approach to business is enjoyed and respected by clients.

Rob has over 30 years’ local and international experience in branding, marketing, management and consulting. He has worked across multiple industries, including FMCG, fast food, financial services, brewing, and pharmaceuticals in various senior leadership roles. He has also held a number of industry advocacy positions including his current role as CEO of the New Zealand Research Association.

In 2005 Rob founded the marketing consultancy BMSW, and has worked with over 100 businesses of all sizes to design more effective strategies and improve their business results.

In 2017 Rob was invited to join the Choice to Growth team and BMSW is now the only company in New Zealand offering the Vennli strategy visualization and analytics platform.

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