DNA & Codes Creation

A unique, own-able and well articulated DNA is key for continual value growth.

It represents the heart of of what you deliver to your customer, provides your key point of difference and influences everything you do. A precise set of codes provide own-able points of recognition to use across every touch point. At their best they provide instant brand recall and a means to memory retention.

The DNA and Codes creation process is built around the powerful combination of:

  1. Premium Value Creator audit
  2. Asset evaluation
  1. Insight Generation
  2. DNA and Code Ideation
  1. DNA engagement & crafting workshop
  2. Articulation and visualisation
  1. Bringing Your DNA to life
  2. Team and Partner adoption

After immersing yourself in discovering and defining your DNA and codes , you will have your organisations’ unique genetic code to apply across your visual identity, marketing communications, customer experience and cultural engagement.

FROM $10,000


  1. Premium Value Creator audit
  1. DNA crafting workshop
  1. DNA and Code Ideation
  1. Articulation and visualisation
  1. Deployment plan