The 10 Timeless Principles of Value Maximisation

The 10 timeless principles of value maximisation are drawn from a broad range of highly successful brands at the pinnacle of their category.

The principles, combined with the Premium Value Creation process, provide a unique source of value ideation and generation that is applicable to any business aiming to provide a more appealing proposition.

By educating teams on the principles of value maximisation, and sharing stories of some of the best exponents, we aim to reset the frontiers of value potential.


1. DNA and the power of the creator


2. Know your audience - intimately
3. Understand the currency of value


4. Instil your codes and stories
5. Only one quality

6. "Always fresh, always the same"

(Mark Ritson)

7. Spirit of custodianship


8. Dreams, desire and meaningful memories
9. Congruent at every touchpoint
10. Image and reputation - it's all in the stitching

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