Our clients have been kind enough to offer the following statements about the value we have created together.

"ADMA recently partnered with Choice to Growth to ensure the service we provide creates value that really matters to our customers. The academic choice modelling rigour and powerful real-time visualisation of the Vennli platform is an excellent example of data driven marketing strategy formulation creating competitive advantage.
We will certainly work with Choice to Growth and Vennli in the future, as valuable agile strategy resources that keep us customer centred, as we examine other areas of our customer facing operation."

Jodie Sangster - CEO, ADMA

"The Choice to Growth project is the most effective piece of strategic work I have worked with and or received in the past 20 years at Modern Star.  This project has provided our sales and marketing teams with insights that were immediately deployed into our sales and marketing activities, and continues to inform us day to day. The Vennli platform confirms all you know, with the perfect overlay of new knowledge presented in formats that allows instant prioritisation.
We use our Choice to Growth data set as a constant reminder of where we are, what is important to our customers and how we can align our objectives, efforts and strategic activities to their needs.
If you want to truly understand your customer’s needs, and their hierarchy of value, and to have it all captured and presented in a manners that enables the efficacy of all users. Then, I simply cannot recommend Iain and Jonathan and the Choice to Growth team highly enough!  On point, On budget, approachable, super easy to work with and no Gobbledegook! Thank you Choice to Growth!"

Jim Craddock - Chief Commercial Officer, Modern Teaching Aids

"Step Change and Choice to Growth are a complimentary partnership that fuels the Step Change strategy, value proposition, and branding process with a powerful customer-centred approach that is both quantified and immediately improves our internal alignment with customer needs.
Step Change and Choice to Growth are clearly a partnership founded on mutual respect. That means it is both efficient and provides real added value for clients. Step Change has added a strategic partner that enables them to add value at speed in the full spectrum of internal and external brand development. As both Step Change and Choice to Growth have a focus on the client's commercial outcomes, they bring a balance of creativity and strategic decision-making that is always directed at continuous growth for the client’s business."

Michelle Hopwood – Chief Marketing Officer, Local Government Super

"Working with Choice to Growth we accomplished what we were seeking to validate and understand: We now have greater clarity on what actually matters to our users; how we stack up against what they said was important to them and importantly, how this performance compares against competitors. It was a rigorous process that has added value to our approach."

Anthony Carr - Marketing Services Manager, Corporate Affairs & Governance, National Prescribing Service

“Torrens University Australia used Choice to Growth and the Vennli choice analytics platform, as the preferred research partner of our agency VCCP,  in a project encompassing master brand definition and portfolio management. The scope included substantiating choice factor importance and brand perceptions across 11 different schools and colleges to help identify competitive advantage to aid student recruitment. The Vennli platform also provided a robust understanding of the alignment between student perceptions and internal thinking leading to value gap identification and enhanced decision making.”

Rion Shelley – Head of Brand, Laureate Education Services Australia

“We were able to utilise the Vennli platform on a recruitment client’s positioning challenge. We could provide customer choice insights which laid the foundation for their positioning, key messaging and, to help differentiate from their competitors. It also helped drive closer alignment between the internal teams perceptions and those of their clients – some of which has since been adopted in the company values. The Vennli research was surprisingly simple, efficient and cost effective to deploy and the  Choice for Growth team supported us throughout the project - we also  benefitted from their combined business acumen when reviewing the insights.”

Steve Gilhooley – Co-Founder, Think.

“Sensing Value worked with the Vennli platform to investigate the factors that would be important to strategic Government leaders in their choice of digital information products. 

The quantitative research insights provided from the VLens and HeatMap of Vennli provided validation to the qualitative work conducted earlier.

It enabled our client, a major Australian telecommunications agency, to better understand what were the most important factors for their customers as well as align the internal stakeholders views with those of their customers ”

Sara Bennett – Managing Director, Sensing Value

"Rob ran the project in a really professional manner which the MA team found very enjoyable and educational, and he brought a lot of added value over and above the Vennli tool itself.
The outcome has been greatly improved clarity on our customers, how they perceive us and how we compare to the competition.  Due to the tool’s flexibility, it has also led to greater insights into our customer persona groups.  This has allowed the MA to make key decisions based on these customer insights.
Vennli is extremely easy to use and my team are now trained in how to query the database for useful insights over and above the initial aims of the project.  It shattered some myths as well as confirming some of our suspicions. It provides us with a really robust basis for inquiry and decision-making.  The quality and reliability of the data means we can make strategic decisions with a high degree of confidence, using data collected from over 200 members and non-members.

I would recommend Rob Bree and Vennli, as the basis for strategy development, to any business wanting to better understand the relationship between their brands, customers and competitors."

Tony Mitchell – Chief Executive, Marketing Association NZ

"VCCP engaged Choice to Growth in 2017 to be our research partner in the development of a CVP for a major client. The project was complex and demanding – including multiple stakeholders, and 11 well-established sub-brands that compete in a highly competitive category. Our task was, in essence, to determine the one key competitive advantage that united all these sub-brands, and to use this to help develop a single CVP and a brand platform for the whole organisation that had the capacity to drive future growth.

There are 3 things we found particularly compelling about Choice To Growth:

Firstly, their approach just makes such perfect sense: While this might sound trite, there is a simple wisdom in their theoretical underpinning and process that struck a chord for both the agency and the client. Choice to Growth has both a common-sense and highly intelligent process to determine current or potential competitive advantage in a category and ultimately, where to invest marketing and communication funds to drive growth.

Secondly, the Vennli model: Both VCCP and the client were suitably impressed with the dynamic model that falls out of the research. This model offers a view of a brand’s performance vis a vis each competitor, presented in a form that’s easy to grasp and use. Unlike most research decks (which too often end up gathering dust - proverbially or literally), this model is engaging and perfect for sharing across the whole organisation to ensure there’s a common understanding and a clear way forward.

Thirdly, Iain Good and Jonathan Coles. Working with both Iain and Jonathan is an absolute pleasure. They are experienced professionals, empathetic to both agency and client challenges, and very smart. They contribute wholeheartedly, drawing on their considerable experience on both the agency and client side, and they truly felt like partners in navigating what was a very demanding process.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Choice To Growth to any organisation looking to get to the pointy end of strategy and who want to ensure they are putting their money where their growth is. "

Kim Feitelberg - Executive Planning Director, VCCP Sydney