Vennli Competitive Strategy Platform

Vennli is an evidence-based strategy visualisation and analytics platform that captures customer insights in a way that allows companies to differentiate in ways that matter deeply to customers.
This creates competitive advantage and thus delivers greater value.

The platform is based on Professor Urbany’s Three Circle Strategic Growth framework and uses intuitive data visualisation to quickly, simply and cost effectively identify:

  1. Customers’ true needs and wants
  2. Customers’ perceptions of the value of your offering
  3. Customers’ perceptions of your competitors’ offering
  4. Why customers choose (or don’t choose) your brand
  5. Where your competitive advantage, threats and unmet needs lie
  6. Wasted investment of resources

Armed with these actionable insights, Vennli’s exclusive partner in Australia, Choice to Growth, helps clients identify choice-driven growth strategies that will deliver sustainable value.


Vennli establishes an initial hypothesis about the areas of opportunity, assesses your organisation's customer perceptions, and delivers voice of the marketplace data through Vennli's platform and proprietary process.


Vennli identifies important customer segments and what drives their choices. Compare message themes, target customer segments or product concepts based on the greatest areas of opportunity.


Vennli works with you to identify the activities and actions that will change in sales, marketing and product development, and then to establish rhythm for voice of the marketplace inputs and updates

Vennli has now been successfully deployed in 500+ Growth Cases, for 200+ companies in 22 categories, and the Choice to Growth team can draw on the deep understanding of choice factors accumulated in each sector.

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